Kayaking in North Devon

North Devon offers an exciting and special coastline for people going kayaking and a session with H2Outdoor will provide a real sense of freedom as you explore its many caves, secluded beaches, clear blue waters and breathtaking scenery. Once on the water, you can soak up this wonderful experience and explore places only kayakers can get to.

Regardless of your paddling experience, we offer fun filled tailored sessions using our fleet of Perception one and two person sit-on kayaks. H2Outdoor prides itself on safety and only use top class kayaks and safety equipment and all our Instructor are British Canoe Union qualified.

We usually start our sessions with an introduction to the activity and a quick safety brief before launching our kayaks and heading out into the sea to learn the basics or practice our skills. Once on the water we have a range of kayaking options for you to choose from, whether you want to relax and take in the scenery or give it a blast and explore a little further along the coast.

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    Our kayak sessions often start from the lovely Victorian Harbour at Ilfracombe due to its beautiful coastal scenery, parking facilities and the sheltered location of the bay. Other stunning sections of the North Devon coastline such as Watermouth, Lee Bay and Combe Martin are also available on request.

    Kayaking experiences in Devon

    H2Outdoor has a range of kayaking options for you to choose from, whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience. Try out a relaxing paddle where you will be able to explore the local coastline and enjoy the feeling of bobbing around in the Atlantic swell keeping an eye out for the various wildlife that live in and around the waters of North Devon. If preferred you can take the time to learn new or improve existing skills or choose an action packed session with plenty of games and opportunities to get wet.

    All of our British Canoe Union Qualified Instructors are highly experienced and motivated to ensure that your kayak session is run in accordance with safety procedures but also to make it as memorable as possible. Each Instructor will be equipped with all the necessary safety gear including tow lines, flares, first aid kits, VHF radio, mobile phones and other such equipment required for the conditions and the group. All instructors have the knowledge to tell you about local historical information as well as being able to spot and identify the various creatures that live here ranging from Oyster Catchers to Porpoises.

    Our Kayak sessions are perfect for small or large groups with varied paddling experience as we use sit-on kayaks which are incredibly stable and easy to paddle and all sessions include an introduction to kayaking before taking to the water for some fun. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

    If you have some experience and would like to journey a little further along the coast, we have kayaking options for you to choose from ranging from short journeys using sit-on kayaks to half and full day packages using enclosed cockpit sea kayaks. Multi day sea kayak trips are available on request.

    H2Outdoor can arrange one-to-one kayak sessions for you to have our qualified instructor focus solely on you and provide the opportunity to practice rescues and rolls or develop other skills within this sport.

    H2Outdoor specialise in paddling around the varied coastline of North Devon but we also run trips in the local Taw & Torridge rivers and estuaries and can supply white water experiences through the winter months.

    BCU Star Awards are also available including training & assessment

    Prices start from £30.00 per person per session.

    Book in advance

    Contact us for more information or to make a booking, no matter your size of group it is always best to book in advance to gurantee your place on specific days Get in touch

    FAQ – What is the difference between a Kayak & Canoe?

    In the United Kingdom, kayaks are considered a sub-type of canoe and there are various other craft that fall under the same canoe sport heading which is where the confusion comes from. However there are several differences between kayaks and canoes and the first and main difference is the paddle. A kayak paddle has a blade at both ends of the shaft and a canoe paddle has just one. The next difference is the seating position as in a canoe you either kneel or sit on a special raised seat and in a kayak the seat tends to be on or just above the bottom skin of the craft. There are other differences between the two but these differences are becoming less apparent with the creation of new designs and technologies which are bridging the gap. Usually a canoe is a large open boat paddled (Ray Mears Style) on one side, perfect for lakes & rivers and kayaks can either be small boats for white water or larger slimmer kayaks for the sea.

    Is there a Governing Body for Kayaking?

    The Governing Body for kayaking in the UK is the British Canoe Union with Canoe England being the English branch of the organisation. All of H2Outdoor’s Instructors are British Canoe Union Qualified.

    Do I need to book?

    It is very important to book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. We are governed by the times of the high tide and as such may only be able to run one session per day.

    How long is a session?

    We like to get around 2 hours in the water but you will need to allow longer for getting changed and walking the kayaks to the water ready for launch. Longer sessions are available on request.

    Do you have to be a strong swimmer?

    All group members will be wearing a range of safety equipment which will include a personal floatation device. Being able to swim 50m is advisable but more importantly you will need to be water confident.

    Is there an age restriction?

    We ask that all participants are 8 years and up. If you are at the other end of the age spectrum, you may be required to provide confirmation from your doctor that they are happy for you to participate in such activities.

    Will I need any equipment?

    All safety equipment, kayaks, paddles and wetsuits are provided within the price of the session however you will need to bring something to wear under the wetsuit (swimwear is ideal) and some sensible footwear that you are happy to get wet.

    What if the weather is bad?

    There is quite a special feeling being in the water when it is raining and we are generally going to get wet anyway. The only time we need to cancel is if the conditions are dangerous or unsuitable for the group. We have other locations available that may offer more shelter or a different activity suggested if required.